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"BombShell Beauty" Bonnet & Edge Wrap Set

"BombShell Beauty" Bonnet & Edge Wrap Set

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Our Satin Tie Bonnet is the ultimate sleeping cap, blending an all satin hairline wrap with a double-lined satin cap. This feature protects your hair and hairline from breakage, tangling, and frizz when worn.

And if you thought that wasn't good enough, the long, wide adjustable band give you the option to tie the bonnet anyway that you would like, while also preventing it from coming off while you're getting your beauty rest. Bombshell BeautyTie Satin Bonnet is a game-changer, allowing you to go to bed cute, and wake up even cuter!

  • Reversible to black
  • One size fits most adult head sizes
  • Cute, stylish, comfy bonnet for any occasion! Don't be afraid to run out the house

Guaranteed to keep your braids in the best shape possible, you will IMMEDIATELY notice a difference after spending a night in one of our bonnets

Satin Edge Wrap:

  • Our satin material maintains and protects the hairline

  • Use on wigs or natural hair to keep the hairline in tact

  • It also assists in the melting process of your lace application

  • Use nightly to maintain sleek looking edges

Cute and functional, just how we like it!

  • Care Instructions

    • Wash your bonnet/wrap by hand or on the delicate cycle in cold water with a gentle detergent.
    • Air dry or Dry on delicate. Tumble low with low heat.
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